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Why Do Police Use Belgian Malinois?

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Belgian malinois

Have you noticed that police dogs appear to be a touch bit smaller and sleeker searching than they was once?

Belgian Malinois are becoming increasingly popular for police work, replacing the German Shepherd in lots of police departments.

There are some very good reasons why police are the usage of Belgian Malinois instead of German Shepherds or some other breeds.

Why do police use Belgian Malinois? The reason police use Belgian Malinois lies partly in their bodily frame and partially of their temperament. Belgian Malinois are extremely athletic, healthful dogs with a completely high work drive and an eagerness to please.

What Makes The excellent Police canine? 

The police dog is a extraordinarily flexible operating dog with the stamina to head all day. Police puppies can be skilled in scent paintings, chunk paintings, or both.

There are a few characteristics that are vital for any police dog who will exercise both bite work and scent paintings.


There was a time whilst many police puppies have been educated to be aggressive and may be tough to deal with. Those days are in large part over.

Police puppies these days are skilled to have tremendous self-discipline so they can be launched in a crowd and appropriately take down a goal without harming bystanders.

Police dogs have to also have perfect remember while being called again from an assault or chase.


Each police canine will be requested to put themselves in situations wherein they know that they're in danger.

They ought to be brave enough to leap into an assault although they recognise they are physically outmatched.

They should additionally be willing to run blindly into dangerous conditions with out taking time to scope out their environment.

Power And Agility

Police dogs need to be sturdy enough to take down an assailant and agile enough to effectively chase after suspects although they climb over some thing, are trying to get away in a automobile, and many others.

Consequently strength and agility are essential in a very good police dog.


A dog’s pressure refers to how prompted he's to pursue a goal.

Police dogs need to have very high power because they need to paintings all day and be extremely devoted to mastering hard and complicated conduct.

Why Do Police Use Belgian Malinois?

Belgian Malinois have all the characteristics that make a great police dog, and they're a few of the most agile canine breeds.

They've extraordinarily high work power and in no way-ending energy that allows them to paintings all day lengthy and maintain going properly into the night.

Furthermore, these puppies have severe bravery and are committed to their handlers, which makes them capable of tackle any scenario that they may face in police work.

Belgian Malinois Vs. German Shepherds As Police dogs

German Shepherds was the usual for police puppies, however lately Belgian Malinois are replacing them in lots of police departments.

As an example, within the la Police branch and the us military, seventy five% of dogs are Belgian Malinois. 

There are loads of reasons that Belgian Malinois make a very good fit for police work and why they're changing German Shepherds.

But, German Shepherds are nonetheless a very good option for police work as properly. Here are a few evaluation factors among them.

Athletic capacity

Belgian Malinois are smaller and extra athletic then German Shepherds. They may be so athletic that they're even capable of do things like stroll throughout a tightrope and climb a tree!

At the same time as German Shepherds are larger, Belgian Malinois are so extreme that they manage to % nearly as plenty of a punch as a Shepherd.

That said, whilst you want a heavy, effective dog to take down a huge person, the German Shepherd is still an excellent choice.

Work force

Belgian Malinois have even higher work force than Shepherds.

Like most herding breeds, German Shepherds are widely known for having very high work power, but Belgian Malinois have even extra intensity for work.

They preserve going all day lengthy and seem nearly tireless.

Moreover, Belgian Malinois tend to have single-minded attention on their paintings and may be much less possibly to be distracted.


Belgian Malinois have fewer fitness troubles than German Shepherds, on common.

German Shepherds have a awesome shape with a slanted returned and angled hips. This is basically due to the fact that they've been bred for show purposes instead of for paintings for a long time.

Unluckily, this specific shape makes them more vulnerable to hip and lower back problems.

As it takes a lot money and time to teach a police canine, it's far critical that you invest in a dog who can perform for some time after being skilled. 


Each German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois have an super experience of scent and are dedicated to heady scent paintings.

However, because Belgian Malinois have a more potent paintings power in popular, in addition they tend to have a higher paintings pressure on the subject of sniffing out scents. 

The improved energy and athleticism of the Belgian Malinois imply they're more likely to comply with a scent anywhere it is going, whereas a German Shepherd may be deterred by limitations.

Why Are Belgian Malinois changing German Shepherds As Police dogs?

A few police departments, including the Ventura County Sheriff’s department, have no aim of switching from German Shepherds to Malinois.

They suppose that their Shepherds have a steadier and calmer temperament than the Malinois, able to do an amazing day’s work as police dogs and additionally mingle with children at college events.

However, this mentality is within the minority for most police departments in the america.
After all, the number one goal is a dog who can do first rate paintings, and it's miles hard to argue that the Belgian Malinois isn’t the better employee of the two in terms of maximum of the roles which might be critical for police dogs. 

A few humans nonetheless fear that the Belgian Malinois is simply too excessive strung and gained’t do as properly in corporations of pedestrians, but handlers operating with Belgian Malinois find them to be simply as constant as German Shepherds with civilians.

Possibly the primary cause that Belgian Malinois are replacing German Shepherds is really their work force.

Belgian Malinois are willing to paintings all day long and they are always satisfied and obsessed with doing their work.

They may be genuinely fearless and thoroughly committed to their handler. With proper training, their innate intelligence gives them top notch willpower.

While you add within the greater fitness of the Belgian Malinois over the German Shepherd, it isn't in any respect surprising that Malinois are overtaking the Shepherd in popularity during the U.S.

Les bergers allemands belges et malinois sont-ils des chiens de police de haut niveau ?

Dans de nombreuses disciplines extraordinairement critiques, dont les chiens d'aveugle et les chiens policiers, les chiens peuvent être délibérément croisés entre différentes races en vue d'obtenir un chien de peinture vraiment parfait.

Diverses variétés de croisements de Golden Retriever et de Labrador sont bénéfiques pour les chiens d'aveugle, et en ce qui concerne le travail de police, un Malinois belge croisé avec un Berger allemand est un super chien de course. 

Le mélange des races permet de faire ressortir certains des éléments de haute qualité de chacune d'entre elles, bien que ces tendances soient également beaucoup moins prévisibles.

Idéalement, un chien de race combinée peut avoir la ténacité et la forme physique avancée d'un Malinois belge, en plus des dimensions et du tempérament calme du Berger allemand.

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