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Why Do German Shepherds consume Grass: the common sense in the back of This strange habit

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German Shepherd

Ingesting grass is simply one of the many canine behaviors that make dog proprietors wish that dogs should talk.

If simplest your German Shepherd should just give you an explanation for why they eat grass!

After all, you buy your GSD costly and tasty meals that your canine seems to virtually like. You hand out canine treats like sweet throughout education sessions. Your dog appears healthy and happy.

And then you definately allow your German Shepherd outdoor and what do they do? They eat grass.


In this article, we dig down deep to explore this extraordinary canine behavior and the most probable reasons for it.

Why Do German Shepherds eat Grass?

There's no person single purpose why German Shepherds consume grass. In reality, some German Shepherds won't consume grass often or ever, whilst other GSDs will consume grass all the time.

Over time, many theories have arisen. Most of those theories came about as canine owners watched their dogs eating grass, discovered what passed off next, took notes, compared the ones notes with other canine owners, after which evolved theories.

However even canine veterinarians and researchers are nevertheless now not exactly sure why dogs in general and German Shepherds especially eat grass.

Logical reasons for Why German Shepherds consume Grass

As Memphis Veterinary professionals points out, even nicely-fed, healthy dogs frequently eat grass.

No matter the fact that people don’t understand why this conduct seems distinctly everyday and not unusual for pet dogs.

But, even though dog veterinarians can not supply their customers a unmarried clear solution as to why a German Shepherd would possibly consume grass, they are able to provide up lots of one-of-a-kind theories that might explain the behavior.

Your German Shepherd is trying to vomit

As Pet Check Urgent Care reports, the most popular theory for why German Shepherds eat grass is because they are trying to vomit.

Why would your German Shepherd want to vomit?

Vomiting might relieve gas or bloat. It could be a way to ease digestive upset. Or it might provide a pathway to get rid of toxins or poisons.

In this way, grass might be the canine equivalent of antacids for people. After all, the grass is pretty much pure fiber, and fiber is what the digestive tract needs to work properly.

However, there is a problem with this theory. The problem is that many dog owners have observed their dogs eating grass and NOT throwing up afterward.

So if your German Shepherd eats grass and doesn’t throw up, this isn’t a reason to panic. In fact, it could be reassuring because at least your dog probably doesn’t have an upset stomach.

Your German Shepherd is channeling their inner wolf

As Fetch by WebMD explains, many wild canids, including wolves and coyotes, have been seen to eat grass.

In the same article, WebMD points out that 79 percent of pet dogs have been observed to eat grass at some point in time.

So it could be that eating grass does provide some type of nutrient benefit even if we are not sure what it is.

Your German Shepherd has Pica

The yank Kennel membership (AKC) explains that a few dogs can expand a condition referred to as p.C. (“pie-kuh”).

Pic is a circumstance this is characterized via the animal consuming non-food items.

The bizarre element approximately this principle is that percent is normally considered to be a conditionbased around the dietary deficiency. The animal starts offevolved ingesting strange matters or nonfood things due to the fact their body is having cravings for lacking nutrients.

So right here, it is viable that grass does offer a few lacking vitamins in your dog. This can be particularly plausible in case your German Shepherd eats grass however does now not vomit it back up in a while.

However what in case you are already feeding your GSD a entire and balanced dog meals?

German Shepherd

The vital factor to recollect right here is that customer research into canine foods has frequently proven that the nutrient tiers stated on the producer label do now not continually in shape what's truely in the meals.

As the fact about puppy food highlights, every now and then pet meals can be imbalanced because it incorporates greater than the daily allotment of certain vitamins. In lots of methods, an excessive amount of is simply as awful as too little.

That is a massive subject matter in itself and merits a separate put up to deal with. But suffice it to say for our functions here that your German Shepherd may also have a nutrient deficiency despite the fact that the meals you provide claims to be whole and balanced.

And if this is the case, your GSD may also have cravings that specific as % via grass ingesting.

Your German Shepherd is anxious, bored, or lonely

Do you stress-eat or know someone who does? If you answered “yes,” you know that eating isn’t always about pure physical hunger.

While it is easy to assume that only people would eat for reasons other than hunger, dogs have evolved to live very closely with people over many millennia.

So a dog that gets lonely, for example, might cope by finding something to do to selfdistract, such as chewing on grass.

An anxious German Shepherd might resort to grass-eating because the act of chewing is calming.

And a German Shepherd that is bored could find an outlet in ripping grass out of the lawn and then eating it.

These are all possibilities. The best way to test this theory that your German Shepherd is eating grass out of boredom, loneliness, or anxiety is to adjust your dog’s environment so those variables disappear.

If your German Shepherd is calm, engaged in fulfilling activities, and always in your company and the grass eating disappears, this could be why. But if the grass eating remains, one of the other theories might be a better fit.

Your German Shepherd likes grass!

Many cats have a well-known preference for catnip, a unique form of grass that frequently produces hyperactivity or sleepiness in puppy tom cats.

However there is no known equivalent to catnip for canine – as a minimum now not but. But, it is possible that your canine definitely likes the manner grass tastes, as bizarre as that could sound.

Or, as we noted in the previous phase here, possibly what your dog likes maximum is the “mouth experience,” the texture and rhythm of chewing at the fibrous grass stems.

Some other viable clarification is that the grass your German Shepherd is chewing on has been peed or pooped on by using every other dog or a cat or some different animal.

German Shepherds and all dogs have a nicely-documented affinity for rolling in things no human might ever want to roll in. We are not sure exactly why they try this, even though right here again there are plenty of theories.

But you could test out whether or not this concept might be the rationale by means of looking where your German Shepherd is going to consume grass.

Does your canine continually seem to nip at grass within the equal region? Or is your GSD eating grass proper where you picked up a steaming pile of a few different animal’s poop the opposite day? Did you notice your cat pee on the grass right near where your dog is going to city?

It can be that your German Shepherd is simply engaging in complete-sensory immersion in all the different scents (and flavors) that that particular patch of grass is providing up.

Can you prevent Your German Shepherd from consuming Grass?

As dog journal reviews, there may be some instances while you truly want your canine to prevent ingesting grass.

If your grass has been chemically treated with fertilizers, pesticides, or rodenticides, then ingesting that grass could kill your German Shepherd.

Once more you may want to stop your dog from eating grass without delay is in case you see repeated grass consuming and vomiting. That is an illustration your canine wishes to visit the veterinarian for a checkup right away.

The hands-down exceptional manner to prevent your German Shepherd from eating grass is to cast off get admission to to the grass. That is truly a time-intensive technique, however it really works.

On foot your GSD on a leash will permit you to retract the leash when your dog attempts to eat grass.

You will also need to head out of doors with your canine when it is time to potty after which convey your canine right again interior so there's no time to consume grass.

Making other adjustments to your canine’s day by day recurring and speakme with your veterinarian approximately adjusting meals and component sizes may also assist remedy your German Shepherd canine’s grass ingesting.

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